Greece's main opposition New Democracy (ND) party leader Antonis Samaras charged here on Thursday that the economic policy implemented by the current Greek government "is not successful, as it fails in all its predictions."

Speaking after a European Peoples' Party (EPP) summit in Brussels, Samaras said: "We do not disagree with the targets of stabilising and reforming the economy, but with the mix of policies that are being implemented. Because they entrap the economy in a vicious cycle of recession and over-indebtedness and because they lead to even harsher and ineffective measures."

Regarding the EU's Summit upcoming decisions, the ND leader underlined the significance of a new economic strategy for decreasing deficits of the Union's member-states, as well as for controlling European debt, the establishment of a Permanent Support Mechanism and competitiveness.

However, he expressed his reservation over issues such as the participation of the private sector in risks emanating from state bonds, something which, as he said, would increase borrowing costs for many countries, such as Greece, as thus would create problems instead of greater stabilisation.

Regarding the crises in North Africa, the Greek main opposition leader noted that southern European countries, such as Greece, should be supported "through common policies, such as a common policy regarding migrants."
"Because our countries face a greater threat ... Europe can implement policies of stabilisation in the wider region from these countries (in southern Europe). These countries are valuable for Europe due to geopolitical reasons. We are not the weak links of Europe," Samaras underlined.