Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party leader Antonis Samaras, in a message to the electorate on Friday on the second round of local government elections on Sunday, said "vote for hope."

Samaras said that the second round of the elections is the leading political moment of this confrontation and the elections were political from the beginning and now they are becoming even more political.

The ND leader further said that it has now been confirmed that the memorandum was a mistake and that "economically it did not produce results and was unjust socially."

He mentioned that "all indicators are out of every control and despite the sacrifices imposed by the government, it only managed to decrease the deficit very little."

"And now they are preparing new extraordinary measures that will also not produce results but will create greater harm," he said, adding that society and the economy cannot stand such a thing.

"Don't do it for any party. Do it for the country and your children. The extortions have collapsed now. Vote for hope," Samaras concluded.


Government spokesman replies to ND leader

Government spokesman George Petalotis, commenting on the statement by main opposition New Democracy (ND) party leader Antonis Samaras, said that "with his known unknown magical way, Mr. Samaras is promising again the annulment of the deficit without sacrifices."

Calling on the citizens to select on Sunday "the mayors and elected regional governors who believed and who believe in real decentralisation, in power close to the citizen, in the revolution of Kallikratis and not those who resist every big change for the country", the government spokesman attributes to the "intraparty insecurity of Mr. Samaras" the manifestation of "danger talk and extremity."

Petalotis also reminded that "the ND government after commiting a crime on national wealth, deserted, eliminated the future of our children -that Mr. Samaras is invoking today with exreme hypocrisy- and exercised a policy of insensitivity, clientele management, covering up of truth and irresponsibility."


Samaras tours Peristeri

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras toured on Friday the city of Peristeri, western Attica prefecture.

Samaras walked around the Peristeri commercial center and talked with local shop owners about the economic crisis. He listened to their problems and the decline of turnover in the market and the danger of more businesses shutting down.

ND leader, accompanied by party deputies, met also with young people.