Prime Minister, PASOK party President and Socialist International (SI) President George Papandreou will chair the sessions of the Socialist International's Council that will be held in Paris on November 15-16.


The Council's opening will be addressed by OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria and the President of the French Socialist Party Martine Aubry, while Papandreou's address will follow.

Three main issues will be discussed during the Council: Global economy: planning a viable recovery for the benefit of all; handling the repercussions of climatic change: an urgent need for a substantive agreement in light of the Cancoon Conference and overcoming conflicts: strengthening democracy and security.

The session of the Socialist International's Council coincides with the start of the French Presidency at the G-20.

In the next meetings of the G-20, many issues will be discussed that preoccupy the socialists, such as the adoption of a global tax for monetary transactions and for "green growth", the balancing of the monetary system and the better coordination of international organisations for recovery from the economic crisis sooner.

During the Council, the prime minister will be having a bilateral meeting with the French Socialist Party's president, as well as with other leaders who will be attending the Council.

The Council will be held at the OECD's building and will be attended by about 400 leaders and representatives from the Socialist International's member parties.