Former contract workers for the Athens municipality continued their sit-in at Athens City Hall for the sixth day on Sunday, rejecting proposals made by Athens Mayor George Kaminis for a solution to meet their demands.

Kaminis visited the protestors with a new set of proposals but failed to convince them to quit the premises so that the municipal council could vote on the municipality's budget on Monday.

"I made the unions a very specific proposal: we will all sit down together to discuss a regulatory framework for contract workers that we will support and promote with the government. I also asked that the hand over the city hall to the municipal authority so that this can discuss and vote on the municipality's budget in conditions of complete freedom. Unfortunately, the unions all rejected my proposal. They displayed a stance that I am unable to understand from a trade union standpoint," Kaminis said.

He went on to say that the municipality would go ahead with the vote on the budget and continue to work in the service of Athens residents.

In the meantime, the contractors are in session within the building to decide on the future of their protest action.