The Hellenic Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE) on Saturday reassured that concentrations of radioactive elements that reached Greece in air masses on Thursday were miniscule and there was not a slightest affect on the health or the environment.

There was no cause for concern, nor was any protective measure necessary, the commission said, adding that no concern has been expressed by any European country nor the taking of any measures has been proposed.

The EEAE said that between March 24 and 25, readings in Greece showed concentrations of radioactivity (Iodine-131) in the atmosphere at 125 millionths of a becquerel (Bq) per cubic meter of air. This concentration, according to the EEAE, is equal to a dose of radiation of one-millionth of the annual dose from the natural radiation the average human is exposed to.

The concentrations are so low that they are not even traced by the early warning stations, in other words the telemetric network of radiation readings in the environment.