The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) accused the EU governments of "pushing the peoples to the dark abyss of capitalistic impasses, clashes and wars", commenting on the decisions of the two-day EU summit that ended on Friday in Brussels.

A KKE announcement said that the EU 27, "in full unanimity, decided the escalation of the war on salary scales, labor relations and social security rights in order to boost the competitiveness of the European monopolies with the Pact on the Euro and the Stability Pact".

On the matters of direct Greek interest, the KKE said that the Greek government's usual celebrations of Greek victories and acknowledgement of the sacrifices of the Greek people, and main opposition New Democracy's (ND) positions for change of the conditions of the Memorandum, "can no longer conceal the devastation that their common strategy brings to the people's interests".

On the EU decisions on the crisis in Libya, the KKE said that "the leading role of the EU forces in the imperialist war against the people of Libya shows that the monopolies and their governments are equally aggressive both internally and abroad".

The KKE stressed that "the working class and popular strata can raise obstacles and finally topple the capitalistic barbarity, creating their own alliance for popular authority, socialisation of the monopolies, for a planned growth, thus ridding the country of the imperialistic organisations and imperialistic wars".