Main opposition New Democracy (ND) will take an initiative for the establishment of a parliamentary fact-finding commission into the case of possible kickbacks paid by German companies in the purchase of submarines by Greece, ND press spokesman Yiannis Michelakis announced on Saturday.

Michelakis also left open the possibility of ND also submitting a proposal in parliament for the establishment of a parliamentary preliminary investigation committee into the same case.

"Although Greek justice has submitted to parliament the case file on the submarines scandal and ongoing revelations certify an immense looting of public monies, the government has not dared, as it is its duty, to take any initiative for investigation of the scandal by parliament," Michelakis said in an announcement.

The case, he explained, concerns a direct assignment by the then PASOK government, "the advancement and implementation for which tens of millions of euros were given out, as it has been revealed," the ND spokesman explained.

In the face of the "suspicious silence and inaction on the side of the government", ND "is undertaking an initiative, with the tabling of a relevant motion, for the establishment of a Fact-Finding Commission so that the truth may shine and the blame will be attributed where it belongs," he said.

In any case, Michelakis added, after studying the evidence contained in the case file and exhausting the abilities provided under the current legislation, ND does not rule out of prospect of immediately seeking the establishment of a parliamentary preliminary investigation committee.