A Parliamentary committee on Wednesday ruled in favor of lifting the immunity of three Golden Dawn deputies in connection to an ongoing probe with regard to the operations of the ultranationalist party.

Constantinos Barbarousis, Polyvios Zisimopolos and Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos – the latter recently announced his decision to exit the party – are facing charges over developing and operating a criminal organization.

Barbarousis and Alexopoulos submitted a written deposition to Parliament, while Zisimopoulos answered questions posed by the committee's members. According to reports all three denied the charges brought against them and stated that their motive behind their decision to join Golden Dawn was “patriotic.”

During the day the House was expected to decide on whether to lift the immunity of another five Golden Dawn lawmakers. Eleni Zaroulia, Michalis Arvanitis, Nikos Kouzoulos and Dimitris Koutsis, are also facing charges of developing and managing a criminal organization, while party spokesman, Ilias Kasidiaris, is under investigation for the possession of arms and explosives to be supplied to a criminal organization.