A newly formed NGO, the Hellenic Migration Policy Institute (I.ME.PO), was established in Athens this month by education administrator Alexandros Zavos, the former high-profile president of the previously state-run and now defunct entity of the same name.

According to a press release on Wednesday, I.ME.PO's charter, now in its NGO form, refers to the "... briefing of Greek society on all aspects of the migration phenomenon through a realistic approach, one that takes into consideration real data, international developments and policies implemented internationally..."

The newly formed NGO (www.imepo.org) also cited an intent to organise scientific conferences in Greece and abroad on migration issues -- as the phenomenon has shot to the limelight in Greece and other affected southern European countries in recent years.
Besides Zavos, the other 10 members of the 11-member board of directors include mostly noted academics.