Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas on Wednesday took part in a reforestation drive organised by the municipality of Megisti and Greek expatriate organisations on the island of Kastellorizo, Greece's most remote island.

During the event he underlined that "Kastellorizo is Greek territory, in the same way as Athens, Thrace, Macedonia, Mani, Crete and anyone that suggests anything else will have no luck."

Addressing residents of the island, he stressed that there struggles in the furthest corner of Greece will not go to waste and that all must learn from this struggle and "stop turning against our own selves, separating Greeks into patriots and traitors that simply change roles every four years".

Concerning Turkey's behaviour and the response of the Greek government, Droutsas said that neither Turkey's provocative behaviour nor the steadfast replies given by Greece to every such provocation had changed.

Greece was not seeking to prevail through cries or slogans but through international law, international legality and its position in the international community, Droutsas said. "Greece's weapon is its determination to defend right through diplomacy and our armed forces," he added, warning that anyone seeking to divide those two bodies would only damage the country's ability and capability to defend its rights.

The reforestation programme was the initiative of the Serres-based organisation "Society for the Study of Diaspora Hellenism" and the Greek-American foundation "Plant your Roots in Greece".