The finance ministry will present, April 15, a draft bill envisaging fiscal and developmental measures aimed at ensuring fiscal stability this year, government officials told ANA-MPA on Wednesday.

The issue was discussed during a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister George Papandreou.
Specifically, the draft bill will include measures to promote privatisations, a medium-term plan of fiscal consolidation and fiscal corrections needed for 2011.

According to government officials, the privatisation programme will specify the steps on annual basis, with the government remaining steadfast in its position of holding a strategic participation in basic infrastructure. The officials said that the tabling a privatisation plan does not mean an "automatic implementation" of the plan, but only on the right timing after recommendations made by privatisation consultants.
The premier called on Cabinet ministers to maintain a single “front” on the issue and to avoid expressing different views.

The Cabinet meeting also instructed state commissioners in commercial banks to access banks' information and to hold the right of veto on strategic decisions by banks.