The chief of Greenpeace's Greek branch Takis Grigoriou, speaking about the climatic changes and energy campaign, said "nuclear energy apart from dangerous and very costly is also not needed."

Grigoriou, who spoke to ANA-MPA on Thursday, said that "on the occasion of the dialogue that will be taking place in the summer in the European Union on the energy future of Europe and the decrease in emissions of the greenhouse phenomenon we wanted to present a report, utilising all the data and studies, because data say one thing and the nuclear industry another. Unfortunately, the accident in Fukoshima came before us and we are issuing the report earlier than we had estimated."

In the report "The myth of cheap nuclear energy", the Greek branch of Greenpeace provides data and examples from the nuclear stations projects being planned. It shows the real cost of the nuclear, a cost many times more than that claimed by the supporters of nuclear energy.