President Karolos Papoulias on Thursday met with the defence ministry'σ political and military leadership and highlighted the importance of the armed forces in a period of economic crisis.

“In critical periods, such as the economic crisis, the armed forces are a plus guaranteeing that diplomatic battles will be met with success while discouraging all those who think that they can take advantage of the economic crisis by becoming pushy and unbearable to the detriment of our national interests,” President Papoulias stated, expressing his appreciation to the Greek armed forces.

Referring to Libya and the economy, Defence Minister Evangelos Venizelos said there is an "actual and a symbolic war".

He briefed the president on the situation in Libya and the level of participation of the Greek military in the operations, pointing out that “the country’s diplomatic and political position is being highlighted and reinforced”.

He also characterised as very crucial the fact that air traffic regulations are being observed by all aircraft participating in the operations headed by NATO and the coalition of forces.