Prime Minister George Papandreou expressed Thursday his satisfaction to Greek farmers, while attending the conference of the Agricultural Development and Food ministry on innovation in agriculture.

Speaking at the end of the conference, Papandreou said that he felt "joy and emotion" since he saw a human potential that produces and exports quality Greek products bringing wealth into the country.

"We succeeded in not going bankrupt. Now you are bringing to us optimism that we Greeks are here present. We are producing and creating the new identity of the country which is linked to the development of a quality agriculture. We are a lucky country. It has a unique biodiversity, rich soil, an interesting scene and environment and it can, with certified and safe products, conquer markets. We had a state of underdevelop-ment with mismanagement of wealth and a shaky growth model that instead of exporting made imports for the feeding of the people. This model has ended. The question is now being raised if there is a perspective for our agriculture. Your action proves that we Greeks deserve and can overcome the crisis," the premier noted.

The prime minister concluded that the state will support all the growth efforts in agriculture with the training (founding of agricultural schools), the reshaping of cooperatives, the codification of agricultural legislation and the parallel promotion of certification in production (ISO), support for innovation and the decrease of bureaucratic obstacles.

Agricultural Development and Food Minister Costas Skandalidis stated that Agriculture does not only constitute a big opportunity for exiting from the economic crisis. He said it is the only breakthrough for the development of the country. A modern and innovative agriculture that will produce quality and safe products.