Eight of eleven defendants charged in the "Revolutionary Struggle" terrorist case should be tried in court, appellate level prosecutor Apostolos Makropoulos recommended to the Court of Appeals Council on Friday. 

The prosecutor recommended that defendants Nikos Maziotis, his companion Panagiota Roupa, Costas Gournas, Christoforos Kortessis, Evangelos Stathopoulos and Sarantos Nikitopoulos, all in custody, as well as another two defendants, who were released on bail, be tried in court. He also recommended that all charges against other three suspects be dropped.

The defendants face several felony charges for participation in a terrorist group, possession of explosives, bomb explosions and attempted homicides.
The ultra-leftist, self-styled anarchist gang “Revolutionary Struggle” has assumed responsibility for the Jan. 12, 2007 rocket attack against the US embassy in Athens; the Jan. 5, 2009 assault rifle attack targeting police officers -- seriously injuring one -- and the Dec. 23, 2008 assault rifle attack on a police cruiser in eastern Athens.