The life expectancy of the Greeks, according to demographic data for 2009 publicised by Eurostat on Friday, is slightly above the European average.

According to the same data, the Greek women's fertility rate, despite increasing over the past six years (1.52 children on average) remains below the corresponding European rate (1.60 children).

As regards life expectancy in Greece, women live on average 82.7 years, while men 77.8 years, according to Eurostat's data. The corresponding figures for the EU of the 27 is 82.4 years for women and 77.8 years for men.
Lastly, according to Eurostat's data, in 2010 foreigners in Greece represented 8.4 percent of the country's total population (about 954,800). Seven percent of foreigners come from EU member-states and 1.4 percent from third countries.