Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou on Friday announced that the ministry is mulling changes to the system for student transfers to other universities from the academic year 2011-2012, so as to restrict the number of transfers that had tended to leave some university departments virtually empty of students while doubling those in others.

Restrictions on the number of transfers had also been requested by university rectors and the changes envisaged by the minister will call for a specific number of transfer positions for students in special categories, such as large or three-child families, that will also take into account the student's score in the university entrance exams.

At present, children from families with three or more children have the right to transfer to an equivalent course near their home without restriction, provided such a course is available.
The minister stressed that such students would not lose the right to transfer to universities near their place of residence but would have to enrol in departments with lower entry scores.