Regional Development & Competitiveness Minister Mihalis Chryssohoidis stated in Parliament on Friday that the absorption rate of National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) funds will be doubled -- 4.3 billion euros were absorbed over the last 15 months.

Responding to a tabled question by several main opposition New Democracy (ND) party MPs, who accused the government of delays in the absorption of NSRF funds and of being unable to give boost economic growth, Chryssohoidis announced that procedures will be simplified to reinforce the absorption rate of community funds.

Chrysohoidis blamed the preceding ND government for the situation and stressed that “we are in need of a new developmental model that will promote the momentum of the economy through social justice, prosperity and cohesion.”

He stated that Greece comes fourth as regards the absorption of community funds and accused ND of inadequacy when it was in office, stressing that 725 million euros were absorbed in three years whereas the present government policy led to the absorption of 4.3 billion euros in 15 months.