Five people wounded in Libya, residents of Qatar, were transported to the Greek island of Crete late Saturday by a Qatari C-130 helicopter, with 40 more evacuees on board, which was headed to Qatar. They are accompanied by six relatives, who also disembarked on Crete.

The five injured evacuees were admitted to Chania hospital in serious condition.

According to an announcement by hospital director H. Doulgerakis, the injured people are residents of Qatar who were working in Libya. They were transported from Libya to Crete by a Qatari C-130, which had 40 more people on board and was headed to Qatar.

Doulgerakis said a sixth injured person died on the aircraft during the flight, which prompted the C-130 pilot to ask permission to land at the military airport in Souda, on Crete.

The five injured people, four men and a woman, are aged 34-39.

According to the hospital's director of medical services George Archontakis, the six injured people had been hospitalised in a Libyan hospital between March 13 and 18.

The five are in serious condition, and four of them are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), while the other is in another clinic in the hospital.

One of the four in ICU underwent surgery on Sunday by orthopedic surgeons as he had suffered multiple wounds in the lower extremities and possibly had gangrene in his right leg.

The woman, also in ICU, had head injuries from shrapnel and had been operated on in Libya, while the other two in ICU had suffered head and chest wounds and broken bones.

The fifth patient was being treated in the hospital's neurosurgery clinic.

Archontakis said that no foreign objects were found in two of the patients, and did not rule out the possibility that they were injured in a traffic accident, while the other three had shrapnel from shells.

According to sources, the five injured persons are accompanied by six relatives, who traveled with them. Of the 11 people who were disembarked on Crete, 6 hold Libyan passports and five have no travel documents. The same sources said that all 11 were from the rebel ranks.

It was made known later that the six who held Libyan passports have been given a 15-day temporary residence permit.

The C-130 left Crete later for Qatar with the remaining people on board and the corpse of the dead man.