In the coming period the Coalition and the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) will be giving special emphasis to the problems of the small and medium-size enterprises and in general to those forces that are placed in the middle economic classification, according to a statement by the head of SYRIZA's Parliamentary Group Alexis Tsipras at the Nationwide Conference of Professional and Handicraftsmen and Merchants of the Coalition held on Sunday.

Tsipras said that the "small and very small enterprises are almost the majority of enterprises in the country and for us to realise what great importance the uprooting of small and medium-size enterprises has, 55 percent of jobs in our country have to do with the small and medium-size enterprises."

The Coalition leader accused the government that "its only concern is for the banks to be saved," while referring to the discussion on the restructuring of the debt he said that his party had predicted it 10 months ago.