Sunday's local government run-off elections, the economy and Monday's arrival of the European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) troika inspectors were the main front-page items in Athens' newspapers on Sunday.

AVGHI: "Elections (local government), recession, and.... (early general) elections on the horizon".

AVRIANI: "New 'massacre' of salary and pension earners decided by government at troika's suggestion".

CHORA: "Universal resistance - IMF's 'meat grinder' gets back to work tomorrow (Monday)".

ELEFTHEROS TYPOS: "Neo-dauphins in PASOK, with their weapons at ready".

ELEFTHEROTYPIA: "They're bargaining a new three-year Memorandum - Deliberations and exchanges of documents between Athens and troika".

EPOCHI: "With eyes turned to the troika - New, harsher measures as of tomorrow (Monday)".

ETHNOS: "Clear victory for the major wager of the economy - Papandreou 'votes' for acceleration of the changes from 'the morning after'."

KATHIMERINI: "Week of tough tests - Negotiations with the troika on additional measures and political scenarios".

LOGOS: "Now come the difficulties - The landscape in the economy after the elections".

NIKI: "And now, the two of us - Second round (run-offs) electoral showdown in regions and municipalities".

PARON: "Government with expiration date - Papandreou will be obliged to call general elections by March".

PROTO THEMA: "Papandreou interview with 'Proto Thema' - Heading towards renegotiation of the Memorandum".

REALNEWS: "Black Monday - Troika demands 24 new measures".

RIZOSPASTIS: "Everyone turn up for the KKE (Communist party of Greece) rally at 6:00pm at Syntagma Square".

TO ARTHRO: "The nightmare returns - Ireland collapsing, Europe fears domino effect".

TO VIMA: "George (Papandreou) calls on party leaders for consensus - Crisis in the economy worries government".

VRADYNI: "Secure your pension - Which women are 'saved', which are threatened (by the changes entering into effect as of the New Year)".