Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas, speaking Monday in an interview with the BBC World Service said that the government had reiterated to acting Libyan Foreign Minister Abdulati Al-Obeidi Greece's position in favour of the full respect and implementation of UN's resolutions.

Referring to the meeting Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou had with the emissary of the Gaddafi regime, on

Sunday evening in Athens, Droutsas noted: "We ascertained that the regime in Libya understands that we must discuss, that we must move, that we must seek a political solution to the crisis, and I could say that this is a first important step."

The Greek minister also underlined that the Greek side is in contact with its partners and allies in order to discuss with them the next steps, adding that on Monday morning he had a telephone conversation with British Foreign Secretary William Hague and with other counterparts of his.

"I will continue to be in contact with them, discussing and examining the next steps, as well as some ideas and proposals through which Greece can contribute" in this effort, Droutsas added.