Prime Minister George Papandreou, commenting on Sunday night on the results of the second round of the local government elections, said that the citizens called for the country's course to continue and voted for political stability.

He also appealed to the country's political and social forces to work all together to enable the major problems that the country is facing to be resolved.

The prime minister added that the ballot boxes have closed and "as of tomorrow we will all be called on to assume our responsibilities, without games, extremities and acts of irresponsibility."

As Papandreou said, the citizens "rejected the sirens of destabilisation and gave the government a clear three years of work to enable it to continue the effort for the country's salvation and recovery."

"We have three years to do what had not been done over the past decades," he said.

"Now, we can shake off the burdens of the past," he further said and added that he was determined to proceed with the changes that he has promised, without considering the political cost.

Underlining "the seriousness of the times," Papandreou said that on this path, the path of the country's salvation, all must join forces, pointing out that "a prime minister by himself, or a government by itself, cannot achieve this."

The prime minister spoke of the need for a great alliance of forces to create a country "for which we shall be all proud."

Papandreou also stressed that he is open to every proposal that will lead the country forward. He promised all who were elected and in the previous Sunday as well, regardless of party identity, that he and the government will be by their side in the considerable work that they have to carry out.