The process of ratifying the new forest maps will begin in three areas of Attica - Marathonas, Nea Penteli and Palea Penteli - the Environment, Energy and Climate Change Ministry announced on Tuesday.

The areas in question concern an expanse of 9,500 hectares in Marathonas, of which 5,300 hectares are considered forest, 341.3 hectares in Nea Penteli of which 312.1 hectares are defined as forest and 2,391.4 hectares in Palea Penteli in which 2,220.4 are proposed as forest.

The ratification process will by carried out by the environment ministry and Ktimatologio S.A.

The forest maps proposed have been posted on the internet on the sites of the environment ministry, the Attica Decentralised Authority and Ktimatologio S.A. as well as the forestry authorities of Penteli and Kapandriti and in the municipal authorities of the above areas.

Environment Minister Tina Birbili said in a press conference on Tuesday that the maps were prepared through the collaboration of the ministry with the Eastern Attica Forests Directorate, the Decentralised Attica Authority and Ktimatologio S.A.

Owners of properties in the area have 45 days in which to raise any objections to the maps or 65 days if they live abroad. All objections will be confined to the designation of the type of land shown on the map as forest or not and will not address ownership issues.

An application to raise objections carries a non-refundable stamp duty ranging from 50 euros to 4,000 euros, depending on the size of the property involved, and there is no provision for the return of the sum even if the owner is vindicated.

The objections raised will be examined within four months.