A call for early elections to change the current "anaemic and incapable" government was made on Wednesday by Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party leader George Karatzaferis.

In statements on the television station ALTER, Karatzaferis said the country was now in a worse position than before it had signed the Memorandum for the EU-IMF loans and that elections, while 'expensive', were the least worst outcome because keeping the present government in power would inflict "irreparable harm".

Karatzaferis asserted that the European summit of March 25 was a new 'springboard' but expressed doubts about whether the government was capable of guiding things to a better outcome.

"We must not lose this opportunity, which by itself cannot get us out of the impasse. Elections to get rid of this government. The country can definitely be saved but not with this government. It is a matter of different policies," he added.

Concerning a recent visit by financier George Soros and his meeting with Prime Minister George Papandreou, Karatzaferis questioned both the purpose and appropriateness of the visit, asserting that Soros has invested several billions in a Greece's potential default.

"These things are inconceivable. It is as if a murderer paid a visit to a house where he committed the crime to see if everyone was dead," he added.