“Debt restructuring is out of the question,” government spokesman Giorgos Petalotis reiterated on Wednesday echoing continuing and repeated statements by other top government ministers and the prime minister.

The spokesman added that those who "fuel such rumours are not aware of the situation and are not following developments". He also referred to “imaginative scenarios”, stressing that those who repeatedly "cried wolf" about bankruptcy are now hawking debt restructuring.

Commenting on relevant news reports, Petalotis stated that “we do not need a vote of confidence. We get a vote of confidence from MPs every day, while the country's salvation in itself constitutes a clear vote of confidence from the people; everything else is not of our concern.”

Petalotis added that medium-term strategic planning is a proposal that will be submitted by the government to be voted in parliament and the political parties will have to assume their share of responsibility.

Brussels rules out Greek debt restructuring

Amadeu Altafaj, the spokesman of Economy Commissioner Olli Rehn, categorically denied here on Wednesday the holding of consultations with the participation of the European Commission regarding Greece's public debt.

Altafaj stated that despite all that is being said and written, the Greek economy is in a correct orbit and that this is also recorded by the quarterly assessments and checks that are carried out by the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund, in cooperation with the European Central Bank.

"The Commission supports the Greek Authorities absolutely in the efforts for serving the public debt of the country and the reforming of the economy," the press spokesman said, noting that the target is for Greece "to return as soon as possible to the markets, with reasonable borrowing terms."