Greek Finance Minister George Papakonstantinou completed on Wednesday afternoon a first round of talks with the heads of the troika to finalize details of a Medium-term Fiscal Consolidation Framework for the period 2012-2015

Ministry officials said talks with the troika will continue on a technical level on Thursday and maybe next week as well in an effort to finalize fiscal interventions, worth 22 billion euros, envisaged in the Framework.

The same officials told ANA-MPA that by April 15, when the Medium-term Framework will be presented to the cabinet before being tabled to Parliament, the government will be in constant contact with the troika on a technical level, following a pattern adopted during preparations of the Framework.

Ministry officials said “no major issues” emerged from the talks and stressed that the troika’s high-ranking officials were generally satisfied with the presentation made by the Greek finance minister and his staff. They also added, that the talks between the minister and the troika did not focus on any other issue than the Medium-term Fiscal Consolidation Framework.

Papaconstantinou flies to Budapest on Thursday for informal Ecofin and Eurogroup meetings.