Greek government spokesman George Petalotis once again dismissed rumours that Greece would default or restructure its debt on Monday, saying that these "belonged in the realm of fantasy".

"Recent developments in Europe show the importance of the effort mounted by the Greek government to show that the debt crisis in Europe was not an exclusively Greek problem, but a European problem that had to be dealt with as such from the start," he pointed out. He underlined that the "persistent and systematic" effort made by Greece for the creation of a European support mechanism had been vindicated.

Petalotis also dismissed scenarios of bank closures, elections and reshuffling that he said some quarters had circulated anonymously during the media strike from Thursday to Sunday.

The spokesman turned his fire on main opposition New Democracy and other opposition parties in this context, accusing them of "playing a dangerous game" with statements that fuelled or even reproduced such speculation about Greece.

The fact that the details concerning the mechanisms and an extension of repayment of debts by Greece had been settled at the March 11 European Summit, before the crisis in Portugal or the events in Libya and Japan, was another significant point in Greece's favour, he added.

He also called on parties that "make an anti-Memorandum policy their banner" to explain what would have happened if Greece had not entered into the process.