A major national radiothon against HIV/AIDS has been organised by UNICEF on Thursday, in collaboration with state radio and several private radio channels. The aim is to gather funds for UNICEF'S global campaign to combat the disease and help its victims.

According to figures presented during a press conference on Tuesday, roughly 1,000 children are infected with HIV each day and 260,000 die of AIDS every year. A further 2.5 million children are HIV carriers worldwide, while 16.6 million are AIDS orphans.

In Greece, a total of 10,500 are registered HIV/AIDS carriers or patients and 1,659 have died of the disease. There were 601 new cases in 2010, while the number of cases in 2011 was higher relative to previous years. They noted that mortality rates and repercussions from HIV were at very low levels due to the use of anti-retroviral medication.

The radiothon will begin at 9:00 a.m. with more than 80 radio stations playing the song "We are the World" and inviting listeners to make a donation. The radio stations involved will then broadcast a joint programme divided by hours and content, while the 19 regional ERA state radio stations will make constant references to the radiothon.

Those wishing to pledge funds can do so on the day of the radiothon by calling the donations line 210 270 0121. Alternatively, they can send an SMS to 19059 (charge 1.23 euro with VAT), donate on the Internet site www.unicef.gr.

They can deposit sums in accounts at the following banks:





017 04 00441670

Emporiki Bank:


Bank of Cyprus:

0000 1216 3468

Piraeus Bank:




Alpha Bank:

115 00 2002 017649

T Bank:



55 02 346484





Millennium Bank:

51 98 29

Geniki Bank:




Marfin-Egnatia Bank:



Donations can also be made via all National Bank of Greece ATMs while Cyprus donors can deposit funds in the account 52 5539 at the National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) and donors abroad can wire money to the National Bank of Greece account ΙΒΑΝ : GR02 0110 1690 0000 1694 8002 064 SWIFT(BIC): ETHNGRA.