OTEGlobe on Tuesday announced it has reached a new commercial agreement with Turk Telecom, Turkey’s national telecoms operator, offering the Turkish company wider use of its international optical fiber network capacity for its internet connection.

Under the agreement, presented by representatives of the two companies, OTEGlobe will offer an additional 250 Gbps (from around 100 Gbps currently) to Turk Telecom through its TBN & GWEN networks, connecting Greece with Europe, through the Balkans and Italy, respectively. “With this upgrade, OTEGlobe continues to cover one-third of the Turkish telecoms operator’s international interconnection needs, servicing telecommunication traffic from Turkey and its neighboring states,” Dinos Andreou, OTEGlobe’c chief executive told reporters.

“An increase in capacity will cover Turk Telecom’s needs for interconnection with European centers,” Mihalis Tsamaz, chairman and chief executive of OTE Group said, adding that OTEGlobe was OTE’s ambassador to international markets.

Andreou declined to offer any financial details of the agreement, but stressed it was a big deal and added that OTEGlobe’s strategic goal was to become a new telecommunications hub in the Mediterranean.

Gokhan Bozkurt, Turk Telecom’s chief executive, said his company was emerging as a hub between Europe and Asia in offering telecoms services, while Hakam Kanafani, chief executive of the Group stressed: “We are confident that Pantel’s international network in Europe combined with the quality and reliable services of OTEGlobe will add value to Turk Telecom’s interconnection with Western Europe”.

Pantel is a new member of Turk Telecom Group, offering 27,000 km of telecoms network in several countries.