Visiting President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias on Tuesday, the head of the Democratic Alliance party Dora Bakoyannis asked him to undertake an initiative in order to help the political parties "achieve a minimum of national consensus" that would allow a medium-term fiscal reform plan to get 180 votes in Parliament.

Bakoyannis expressed concern that the sacrifices made by the Greek people would be wasted and said the political parties "are each waiting for the bomb to explode in someone else's hands".

Pointing to the case of Portugal, Bakoyannis said this showed the absolute necessity of understanding between the parties, since this would also send a strong message of self-confidence to both the markets and the Greek people, who would feel there was a way out of the crisis.

Arriving for the meeting, she said that Greeks were in a state of "despair" in a country "proceeding without planning, without a guideline, with a public dialogue carried out as if we were in the time before the crisis that often verges on the nonsensical".