Turnover in the Greek electronic secondary bond market recovered in March, with prices however continuing their fall further widening a gap between German bonds, the Bank of Greece said on Wednesday.

The central bank, in a report, said that turnover in the market totaled 974 million euros in March, from 847 million in the previous month and 34.6 million euros in March 2010. Bond prices fell significantly in the month, with yields rising further, adding additional burden to the country’s borrowing cost. The five-year benchmark bond yield rose 2.14 pct to 16.15 pct at the end of March, while the three-year bond yield rose 83 basis points to 15.11 pct. The 10-year benchmark bond yield rose 108 basis points to 12.88 pct and the 30-year benchmark bond rose to 9.06 pct.

The three-year bond price eased to 81.90 points at the end of March from 82.56 a month earlier and the 10-year bond price fell to 65.28 from 69.52 points over the same period.