EU officials on Monday expressed satisfaction over the fact that Eurostat fully ratified Greek statistical data after several years of efforts, following an upward revision of the country’s fiscal deficit and public debt, noting that Greek authorities and troika officials are discussing the period of covering the “black hole” in the country’s finances.

Speaking to reporters, Commission spokesman Amadeu Altafaj declined to say whether additional fiscal effort would be necessary next year or in the next three years and noted that troika officials were currently in Athens for a quarterly assessment of the country’s economic progress. Altafaj noted that the goal for 2010 was to cut the fiscal deficit by four percentage points, compared with 2009, and stressed that this goal has been surpassed by the Greek government.

The EU spokesman said Eurostat’s figures for the country’s fiscal deficit and public debt did not include any reservations and that “figures released today are credible and transparent”.

“It is a very significant development since it was the first time in five or six years that Greek statistics are not accompanied by reservations or remarks,” Altafaj said.

“It is also very significant in order to restore confidence in the Greek economy,” he said, adding that Greece has fulfilled all its commitments for the year and was on the right track.