Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Secretary General Aleka Papariga, addressing a rally in Syntagma Square in downtown Athens on Monday evening, expressed confidence that "we shall be many more tomorrow", meaning that KKE's strength will increase even more.

Papariga said that "the people must deny the prime minister's jugglery who presents PASOK's great decline as if the people gave him approval to proceed with the barbaric measures", while for the main opposition New Democracy (ND) party she said that "there is no total return."

The KKE leader further said that harsh measures against working people are being taken all over Europe, even in Germany which is not overindebted, saying that the support mechanism "is a gallows for the Greek people."

Papariga called for "no consensus, on the contrary, release, emancipation and joint action with KKE, to enable the social popular alliance to become a protagonist, the rallying of radical forces that are struggling with the prospect of popular power," adding that "the Troika is not welcome in Greece" but noting that the troika did not come to Greece uninvited, nor forcibly. "The door was opened wide by the PASOK government," she said.

She also said that the Memorandum "does not constitute simply and only an economic agreement on the repayment of the debt. It is the political tool as well, the political alibi to enable the advancement of reactionary structural measures, that were written clearly in the programmes of PASOK and New Democracy, with the bugbear of bankruptcy as the vehicle."

Papariga stressed that "an alternative solution exists" and KKE has analysed a long time ago the content of the proposal for the popular power and economy, but added that what "is urgent now is for the people to stand their ground before the terrorist operation of the government, of the political system in general, the EU."