Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party characterised as positive Sunday’s second round local government election results, considering that its candidates were elected in five regions when a year earlier, based on the 2009 election results, it wouldn’t have been able to win any of them.

Based on the ND assessment of the election results, the party has improved performance even in the regions it lost.

ND spokesman Panos Panagiotopoulos stated on Monday that the choices made by party leader Antonis Samaras were the right ones based on the results, pointing out that the party assumes again a leading role in the political scene.

Referring to the high voter abstention, Panagiotopoulos stated that it records an overall disbelief toward the political system.

“ND has assumed its share of the responsibility,” Panagiotopoulos stated, pointing out that the high abstention rate also reflects the rejection of the blackmailing dilemma set by the ruling PASOK party.

He also said that ND leader Samaras had called on the people to send a clear message to the government that it needs to change its policy “and the message was sent”.

Referring to the ND defeat in the municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki, he stressed that there are regional characteristics that affected the result, pointing out that in both municipalities the centre-right was in office for more than two decades which obviously had an impact on the voters.

As regards the prime minister’s invitation for consensus, Panagiotopoulos stated that he cannot respond to a hypothetical question reminding, however, that ND leader Samaras has stated that he will back the government measures that lead to the right direction but he will not give his consent to new harsh measures that lead nowhere.

On the occasion of the visit of troika representatives to Athens and the consultations in progress, Panagiotopoulos asked the premier if he intends to take new austere measures.