Government spokesman Giorgos Petalotis stated on Monday that in Sunday’s second round of local government elections the people reaffirmed their strong will for radical change in all sectors, a message also sent in the first round of the vote a week earlier.

Commenting on the election results, he added that the people voted for stability and chose the candidates that will undertake to materialise the Kallikratis local government reform.

“We are determined to succeed having as an ally the democratic forces of progress and the will for substantive change,” he said, stressing that “the government has three years of intensive and creative work ahead”. He added that together with “the political and social forces, regional authorities and the people -- displaying a strong sense of responsibility and patriotic duty -- we are called to promote the necessary major changes the country needs to get out of the crisis without jeopardizing security and cohesion.”

“Consensus and national understanding are necessary,” he said, pointing out that “those who can realize that should assume their share of responsibility” and that “all political forces should rise to the occasion.”

He said that it should be realized that “putting the people before bogus dilemmas leads nowhere and that was the lesson learned in Sunday’s elections”, adding that “the people know who is getting the message and who isn’t.”

Petalotis stated that there is common ground on which consensus is possible in order to get out of the crisis quickly and steadily, “this does not mean that the political forces will abrogate their main principles or that the government will give way because simply there is no room for that.”

Asked to comment on the proposals the prime minister will make to the political leaders to ensure their consent, Petalotis stated that a framework will be ready when the process for the materialization of the call for national understanding and consensus is launched.

Responding to a question on whether the government will request setting up a fact-finding parliamentary committee on the economy, the government spokesman stated that “we should not confuse consensus with impunity”.

On whether the election law will be up for discussion, Petalotis commented that it was among the pledges undertaken by the ruling PASOK party.