With the final count completed from Sunday's second-round local government elections, the ruling PASOK-backed candidates were elected as Regional heads in eight of the country's 13 Regions, the new geographical administrations created under the Kallikratis local administration reform plan, with the remaining five Regions won by main opposition New Democracy (ND) backed candidates.

PASOK-backed candidates also won 73 of the country's 325 municipalities, while ND-backed candidates won in 41 municipalities.

Outgoing Athens prefect Yianns Sgouros, who was backed by PASOK, will be the Attica Region's first elected regional head, with a percentage of 52.87 percent and 61 seats on the Regional Council, against 47.13 percent and 12 seats for ND-backed Vassilis Kikilias.

The biggest winner, however, was abstention, which reached an all-time high of 53.23 percent, sharply up from 39.01 percent in the first round the preceding Sunday, while blank and spoiled votes reached 11.67 percent from 5.49 percent in the first round.

The second round was also characterised by surprise upsets in the country's three largest cities, with a "change of guard" in Athens, Thessaloniki and Piraeus.

In Athens, PASOK-backed candidate and former Greek Ombudsman George Kaminis carried the vote with 51.94 percent against incumbent mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis with 48.06 percent, while in Thessaloniki PASOK-backed Yiannis Boutaris prevailed with 50.20 percent over ND-backed Costas Gioulekas with 49.80 percent.

Conversely, ND-backed Vassilis Michaloliakos won the mayoral race in Piraeus with 51.76 percent against PASOK-backed local government veteran Yiannis Michas with 48.24 percent.

Another surprise was recorded in the western port city of Patras, where Ioannis Dimaras, the candidate jointly backed by SYN and the Democratic Left party, carried the vote with 53.63 percent against 46.37 percent for the PASOK-backed Constantine Katsikopoulos.

The vote count of the run-offs was completed at noon on Monday, with 20 new mayors having secured percentages upward of 60 percent, while another 30 amassed percentages just over 50 percent.

The biggest percentage of votes in the second round was received by Andreas Pachatouridis in the municipality of Peristeri, followed by Nikoloas Hardalias in Vyronas municipality in Athens with 64.69 percent and Antonios Hatzidiamantis with 64.61 percent on the island of Limnos.

A total of 78 mayors were re-elected in the second round.

In the Filadelfia-Halkidona municipality, Eftychia Apostolaki, the widow of mayor George Apostolakis, who died after suffering a heart attack while driving his car earlier in the week after making it to the run-offs in the first round of elections the previous Sunday, took her late husband's place and was elected with 51.50 percent.

In Larissa, the winner was decided by a mere 217 vote difference, as ND-backed Constantine Tzanakoulis carried the city with 50.23 percent over PASOK-backed Ioannis Sapkas with 49.77 percent, while abstention reached 50.23 percent.

The narrowest wins were on the island of Amorgos with mayor-elect Nikitas Roussos receiving 50.04 percent, followed by Istiaia-Aedipsos mayor-elect Zachos Christofis and Evrota (Lakonia) mayor-elect Ioannis Grypiotis with 50.05 percent.

A total of 27 municipalities were decided with narrow leads, and several of the candidates intend to take recourse in the Election Court for a recount. On the island of Amorgos, the new mayor Nikitas Roussos (50.04 percent) was elected with a single vote difference from opponent Nikolaos Fostieris (49.96 percent), while in Evrotas municipality in Lakonia prefecture the city was carried by an 11-vote lead by Ioannis Grypiotis (50.05 percent) over Filippos Piliouras (49.95 percent) and in the Attica municipality of Kesariani, Antonis Kambakas (50.07 percent) was elected with a 12-vote lead over Spyridon Tzokas (49.93 percent).

Of the total 325 'new' (merged) municipalities formed under Kallikratis, candidates backed by PASOK or PASOK collaborations with other parties won in 73 municipalities, of which 18 in the first round and 55 in the second round. Candidates backed by New Democracy (ND) or ND in collaboration with other parties won in 41 municipalities, of which 7 in the first round and 34 in the second round.

Candidates backed by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) won in one municipality, by SYN in six municipalities, by LAOS in one municipality, by the Ecologists Greens in 14 municipalities, and by the Democratic Left in 35 municipalities.

Of the total 325 mayors elected, 166 are independents, 19 are independents coming from PASOK, 11 are independents coming from ND, and 129 were backed by one or more parties.

In the Regional elections, six of the Regional heads elected, including Yiannis Sgouros in Attica and Panagiotis Psomiadis in Central Macedonia, are currently Prefects.