Anti-landfill protestors in Keratea surprised authorities with some unexpected commando tactics in the early hours of Thursday, when they managed to dig a two-metre trench across one lane of Lavrio Avenue and completely block access via the first entrance of Keratea by piling rubble and earth on the other lane.

The digging work was carried out by unidentified individuals under the cover of darkness, so that the road was entirely impassable on Thursday morning.

A public prosecutor has been sent out to inspect the trench, by order of first-instance court chief public prosecutor Eleni Raikou.

A statement on the issue was also made by the Lavreotiki municipality, where Deputy Mayor Vassilis Thiveos said that the local authority had no idea who was responsible for digging the trench and piling up the earthworks.

Thiveos told the ANA-MPA that he first heard about it at 8:30 a.m. from his neighbourhood kiosk owner and that he had also received threatening telephone calls from an unidentified source.

Noting that the situation had "got out of hand" and that the local authority was unable to control it, he urged the state to adopt a responsible stance and reply to the municipality's proposal on the waste management issues.

Thiveos announced that a delegation from Lavreotiki municipality will visit an injured police officer being treated at the 401 military hospital and then, along with police trade union representatives, would meet Citizens' Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis in an effort to have police pulled out of what he called a "political issue".

He also indicated the local authority's willingness to meet with interior minister Yiannis Ragoussis and Environment Minister Tina Birbili to discuss the issues.

Local residents strongly oppose government plans for a landfill site to receive the capital's refuse in Keratea, taking the case to court and also staging numerous protests and clashing with platoons of riot police permanently stationed in the area for the past weeks to protect the landfill contractors' heavy machinery.