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- MIG Real Estate SA on Thursday said it will pay a dividend of 0.15 euros per share to shareholders from May 4, after a regular general shareholders’ meeting approved a board plan to distribute profits to shareholders. The shareholders’ meeting also approved another board to buy back up to 250,000 own shares in a period of 24 months at a maximum price of 5 euros each and at a minimum price of 1.0 euro each.

- A reduction of 25-30 pct of all road tolls for the duration of three years, as well as, a 50-pct reduction of the motorway stretches under construction was suggested on Thursday by the ministry of infrastructure, transport and networks to concessionaires of five national motorways.

- Sidenor SA on Thursday said it has signed a deal with Alpha Bank to issue a common bond loan worth 20 million euros. The proceeds from the bond loan will be used to refinance the company’s existing debt.

- Bond spreads widened significantly in Greece and Portugal, reflecting market worries over a possible debt restructuring by the two Eurozone countries, a Bloomberg report stated on Thursday. The yield spread between the 10-year Greek and German benchmark bonds widened to 985 basis points in midday trade, with the Greek bond yielding more than 13 pct for the first since 1998.

- A free SMS service alerting consumers to the three cheapest petrol stations in their area is to be launched by the regional development and competitiveness ministry, following an agreement struck with mobile phone companies. A ministry announcement on Thursday said that mobile phone providers have agreed to offer the service without charge in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.

- Hygeia Group, a Greek-listed clinic, on Thursday announced a board decision for a share capital increase plan, worth 89,930,826 euros at a ratio of one for one at a price of 0.50 euros per share.

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