A proposal by the Hellenic State to the construction joint ventures of the five motorways includes a decrease in the price of all toll fees by 25-30 percent for three years, as well as a decrease in the sections under construction by 50 percent.

The ministers of Finance, George Papaconstantinou, Infrastructures, Transport and Networks, Dimitris Reppas, as well as deputy minister Yiannis Mangriotis announced at a joint press conference the creation of a special account at the Bank of Greece, amounting to 500 million euros, as a guarantee for the continuation of the loaning of the companies, that are constructing the projects, as well as the creation of a special company of the public sector, with the capital being the titling of the public sector's future revenues from the toll fees. Reppas assessed that these revenues for the public sector are estimated at 20 billion euros for the entire period of the awarding.

The amount collected will also be used for decreasing the public debt, meaning, as the Finance minister explained, that from this capital bonds which are expiring can be bought off, or bonds from the bank market. The company will be SA Company of the Public Sector and will have the title "Greek Motorways."