Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas said in Berlin, where the conference of NATO Foreign ministers is taking place, that the solution to Libya's crisis cannot achieved with military means alone.

"Greece has stressed with consistency from the very beginning that a political solution is necessary and in this framework Greece has also submitted its own thoughts and proposals," Droutsas added in a statement to Greek correspondents and reporters in Berlin. Libya was the top issue on the agenda of NATO's conference and as Droutsas said it was stressed that "a political solution is necessary and indeed we agreed that the UN must assume the coordination."

Droutsas stressed the need for the protection of the civilian population in Libya. "Precisely in this sector the role of NATO proved crucial and we confirmed this today as well in our meeting," Droutsas said noting that the important elements are two: "Firstly that all the operations of NATO are moving absolutely within the framework of the resolutions of the UN Security Council, this is an essential precondition for us. And secondly the participation as well of certain Arab countries in the operations in cooperation with N ATO."

Droutsas reiterated that Greece is facilitating these operations through the military bases, but is not participating actively in the military and war operations. He placed particular emphasis on the sector of humanitarian aid that is being raised imperatively for the Libyan population. "I had the opportunity once again to stress the important role that Crete can play in the coordination of the provision of humanitarian aid on the part of the international community and to express at NATO's table our availability for Crete to play this role," Droutsas said.