Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras severely criticised prime minister George Papandreou over the implementation of the 'Kallikratis' public administration reform program, speaking in Xanthi on Friday during a tour of Thrace.

"Instead of preparing new draft laws, such as the new electoral law, Mr. Papandreou should box the interior minister's ears over the 'Kallikratis' that leaves the regional governor without specific authorities and with less money than the prefects of the past had," Samaras said after a meeting with Xanthi mayor Michalis Stylianidis.

PASOK must finally perceive what is happening around him and realise that he would do well to pay a visit to any mayor and regional governor, whether belonging to PASOK or not, "because today they are all speaking the truth and are doing so because they are in despair," Samaras said.