Greece's Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas emphasised the need to respect the resolutions of the UN Security Council on Friday, while replying to controversial statements by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu concerning Cyprus.

Addressing a NATO foreign ministers' meeting held to discuss EU-NATO relations, Droutsas rejected the position earlier expressed by Davutoglu that the Cyprus government "does not represent the whole of Cyprus", that Cyprus' admission into the EU was a "mistake" and that Turkey did not recognise the Cyprus government as "officially sitting at the same table".

Referring to the situation in Libya and the need to respect UN Security Council resolutions, he stressed that it was "self-evident that the demand for respect for UNSC resolutions applies to all issues" and that these same resolutions were an apt reply concerning Davutoglu's claims about who the Cyprus Republic government represented.

Droutsas also pointed out that the Cyprus problem was not a NATO issue and that the Cyprus Republic was a member-state of the EU, a fact that had to be respected by all.

Stressing that Davutoglu's arguments were not accepted, the Greek said he would not be drawn into escalating a rhetorical dispute and urged EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen to continue efforts for constructive and closer EU-NATO cooperation.