Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas on Friday broached the issue of recent statements -- made by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban regarding the fYRoM "name issue" -- with his Hungarian counterpart Janos Martonyi.

The two foreign ministers met on the sidelines of an informal meeting of NATO foreign ministers, taking place in the German capital.

According to ANA-MPA reports and diplomatic sources, the Greek minister emphasised that the EU member-state holding the six-month rotating EU Council must exercise its role within the institutional framework foreseen by the Union's treaties.

Moreover, Droutsas underlined that every rotating presidency must also respect the unanimous decisions taken by the same Council and represented by the presidency, which at present is held by Hungary.

Orban had reportedly referred to an "absurd" situation, namely, that the "name issue" conflict is preventing the land-locked one-time Yugoslav republic from beginning accession talks with the EU.

The same sources said Greece's permanent representative to the EU lodged a demarche with his Hungarian counterpart over the uncharacteristically unilateral statements by the Hungarian EU presidency.