Rowdy eatery patrons smash into police motorcycle

Rowdy eatery patrons smash into police motorcycle

Police on Thursday morning were looking for at least two men who drove a truck into a police motorcycle and fired a gun into the air following an altercation on Wednesday night with patrons at a fast-food restaurant in Spata, northeast of Athens.

According to the Athens-Macedonia News Agency (AMNA), police were called to the eatery after the suspects began arguing loudly with other patrons. Responding to the call was a unit of the DIAS motorcycle riding squad, which tried to question the rowdy men. They, however, got into a van and sped away from the premises after smashing into the DIAS motorcycle. They also allegedly fired a shot into the air as they sped off.

Witnesses told police that they are Roma men, prompting authorities to conduct searches at Roma camps in the vicinity.


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