The Greek public appears to be turning its back on the two mainstream political parties -- ruling PASOK and main opposition New Democracy (ND) -- although it is opposed to early general elections, according to the results of two opinion polls appearing in newspapers on Sunday.

According to a Public Issue opinion poll appearing in the Sunday edition of Kathimerini, voters indicated that the best choice for Greece's future would be an ecumenical (all-party) government, the choice backed by 23 percent of the respondents, following by a collaboration government of PASOK and ND (12 percent), a self-sufficient PASOK government (8 percent) and a self-sufficient ND government (6 percent).

To a question on the most critical aspect of the situation in Greece, a majority of 69 percent of the respondents pinpointed to the economy, while 35 percent pinpointed unemployment.

In a second opinion poll, conducted by Kapa Research and appearing in the Sunday 'To Vima' newspaper, the majority of the respondents said they were against early general elections, while voters who in the past had preferred single-party (self-sufficient) governments now prefer an ecumenical (all-party) government.

To a question on whether the government should implement the measures contained in its Medium-Term Program 2012-2015 or call early elections, 47.8 percent of the respondents opted for implementation of the program against 32.3 percent who preferred early elections.
Asked what government they wish to emerge from the next general elections, 56.6 percent of the respondents opted for an ecumenical (all-party) government, 23.6 percent opted for a self-sufficient government of the top party (highest vote-getter), and 8.7 percent wanted a cooperation government of the two mainstream parties.

Ruling PASOK's percentage of the voter intent (which party the respondent would vote for if general elections were held the following Sunday) dropped to 21.7 percent, with ND remaining second with 20.1 percent, while the undecided vote remained a high 30.1 percent.