Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) leader George Karatzaferis on Monday stressed the need to stop ongoing public speculation that Greece might be forced to restructure its debt, saying that this debate "should be confined to a narrow circle, among those that have reason for it".

He strongly criticised statements on the issue by former PASOK premier Costas Simitis, saying it was "sad" that the former and current prime ministers in the same party could not come to an agreement.

Concerning policy on illegal migrants, meanwhile, Karatzaferis asserted that Italy's decision to give migrants legal documents and let them travel to other EU countries, such as France and Germany, was a proposal he had been making for the past two years. He stressed that Greece had to do the same in order to be rid of the burden of some two million illegal migrants.

He also repeated a call for early elections, saying that these would be less damaging then "then keeping this incompetent government in power".

Karatzaferis made the call while speaking to the radio station 'Real FM'.