Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Secretary General Aleka Papariga, addressing a rally in Syntagma Square in downtown Athens on Monday evening, underlined the party's electoral readiness and called on the people "not to be trapped in the political system's disguise scenarios," responding in this way to discussions on the creation of a cooperation government.

Papariga focused her address on KKE's answers on the economiuc crisis and on the shaping of the political terms for the reversal of correlations and of the political system.

She called on the people "to take the historic decision, to give unprecedented mass participation and effectiveness to the class struggles, the political struggle. Together with KKE, in cooperation and alignment."

Papariga further said that her party also appeals to all those who, when asked which party, the ruling PASOK or the main opposition New Democracy, they trust, categorically reply "neither of the two."

Also referring to discussions on the restructuring of the debt, Papariga said the discussions are real and not fixed and reveal what KKE has said many times that the margins of the capitalist system to achieve a relatively controlled and painless, for the system, exit from the crisis are much narrower compared to the past.