Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party on Monday again lashed out at the government, accusing it of not negotiating the EC-ECB-IMF memorandum.

ND spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis referred to a joint statement on Ireland, issued by the EU, ECB and IMF, with which the three parties expressed satisfaction over the adoption of a new package of measures by the Irish government, ones aimed at the creation of new jobs.
“It appears that the memorandum is not a taboo,” he said, pointing out that the terms of the memorandum, in essence, were changed in the troika’s first mission to Ireland. “This proves that there are policies, outside the memorandum, that can be implemented provided that somebody will negotiate them,” he said, underlining that such proposals have been tabled by ND leader Antonis Samaras long ago but they were rejected by the government maintaining that they are not within the lines of the memorandum.

Mihelakis stressed that “nobody knows the real state of the Greek economy, as pointed out by government MPs and ministers, who call on the economic staff to tell the truth to the Greek people.”

Regarding debt restructuring, Mihelakis said such talk is “not helpful” pointing out, however, that “the extension of the debt repayment period, a reduction of the interest rate or both is not a bad scenario.”

Referring to Parliament procedure, he stated that “the euro pact was signed by 23 EU countries, is a intergovernmental decision and does not go before national Parliaments,” pointing out that “the permanent support mechanism - that will be in effect as of 2013 - will have to be ratified in national parliaments by 2012.

Mihelakis accused the government of “misleading the Greek people” by presenting “a road map with lies” and repeated that censure motion is a tool that will be used by ND when deemed necessary.