Government spokesman Giorgos Petalotis on Monday ruled out the likelihood of debt restructuring stressing that this option “is not in our minds or our decisions” and underlined that the government focuses on finalizing the Medium-term Fiscal Strategy Framework which is designed to lead the country out of the crisis.

Commenting on the position expressed on Sunday by former Prime Minister Costas Simitis who called for debt restructuring as soon as possible, Petalotis pointed out that the government’s stance on the issue has been made known repeatedly and in the most official way. He underlined that “restructuring will be harmful for our country and Eurozone” adding that the government is now focused on the materialization of the goals set recently and through the “road map” announced.

He flatly denied press reports on allegedly behind-the-scenes discussions made by the government, stressing that “debt restructuring is not in our thoughts”.

Petalotis also stressed that Simitis used to be a prime minister and president of PASOK but “now there is a government that has a totally different view”.

On whether the government is considering an extension of the repayment period, he underlined that “we are not discussing anything else other than the issues put on public debate. We are discussing only the road map.”

As regards the likelihood of a government reshuffle, Petalotis stated that “there is no reason for it and no such discussion is being made.”
Asked to comment on the Bank of Greece (BoG) governor report, he said that “the government is aware of the state mechanism’s dysfunctions; is aware of the deficits and dysfunctions that go back for decades and which is now trying to correct through hard work.”
Responding to a relevant question, Petalotis denied that there were disagreements in last Friday’s cabinet meeting as regards the issue of privatisations and spoke about “approaches and views”. He clarified that the discussion on the national plan and privatisations will continue until May 15.